Our Movie Reviews Complex Rock Tour Live, The
Artist: Blue Man Group
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Last Reviewed On: December 21, 2003 (by Scott)
(DVD version)

Michelle's Review:
4 out of 5 stars on December 21, 2003

We saw the Blue Man Group this last year on our Vegas vacation, and it instantly became one of my favorite live shows ever behind only Van Halen and U2. Blue Man Group is a strange show to describe to someone who doesn't know who they are so I will just assume you do and not try.

This DVD isn't of the same show we saw in Vegas. It's their rock show that they toured with this last year for their album The Complex. It doesn't have the cue card bit, or the marshmallow bit or the more well known comedy routines they usually do, it is more about the music here, but there are some comedy pieces, and plenty of the usual Blue Man comedy scattered throughout the show. If you haven't seen any of their theatrical performances, this will give you a decent idea what it's like to see the Blue Man Group live. Though having been to a show, there is a certain element that a video can't capture. For example, that simultaneous fear and excitement you feel when a Blue Man comes into the audience, notices you for a moment, and you think "oh god, he's gonna pick me isn't he!...". You just can't get that kind of heart attack from a DVD.

The show itself is very good and entertaining. Scott and I passed on seeing it this last year when the rock show came to Seattle, and now that the DVD has been released, we're a little less regretful that we did. It captures the blue men pretty good and is a real fun show to watch. One of the highlights of the DVD for me is the Blue Men version of Baba O'Riley by The Who, and a moment when they have some fun with Ozzy's Crazy Train.

If you haven't seen the Blue Man Group, pick up the DVD it's definitely worth it.

Scott's Review:
4 out of 5 stars on December 21, 2003

As Michelle points out, this really captures the Blue Man Group performance. We haven't seen their Complex tour, but we did see their show in Vegas. The tour represented in this video is pretty much what I imagined it would be. It's the Blue Man Group mixed with a rock show.

The end result is really a great show. I'm a bit sorry that we passed on seeing the show here in Seattle, it would have been a fun show, but at least we got to enjoy it on DVD. If you're a fan of the Blue Man Group, I highly recommend this DVD.

-- Scott and Michelle