Our Movie Reviews Van Halen: F.U.C.K
Artist: Van Halen
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Last Reviewed On: July 5, 2000 (by Michelle)

Michelle's Review:
3 out of 5 stars on July 5, 2000

This tour was only the 2nd time I saw Van Halen live. And I have to be honest, I wasn't all that impressed. I mean, Ed was brilliant as usual, and Mikey had the same energy he always has (thanks to loads of JD no doubt;-) But there was something about this tour that was just off. I try and like this album, and I do, but I don't know, maybe it's the fault of the mixing or something, cause this one doesnt move me like other VH albums do. "Runaround" and "Poundcake" are great songs, and while I also love "Top of the World' there's something about that song that seems a bit too 'happy" and I just don't care much for it. I'm not necessarily into gloomy songs either so I don't understand it. I have never been able to pinpoint what it is about this album, cause I do like it, but there's something here that just doesn't get me all excited. I guess it just seems to me that with this album, even though it did well, that Sammy had sucked the fun and life out of the band. It just lacked the energy of the 5150 tour, and somehow seemed more serious, and that was something I hadn't come to view as very Van Halen. VH to me was about fun, and partying, and all that, and that just didn't exist here.
-- Scott and Michelle