This page demonstrates an interesting, but useless, phenomenon. The same picture to the right is sent out to your browser regardless of which browser it is. Netscape users will see "Scott" in blue, and Internet Explorer users will see "Michelle" in blue. Odd that the browsers render the graphic differently.

If you have a browser not listed, what you see (Scott or Michelle, and in Black or Blue), so I can add it to my list!
IE, Opera, Firefox - "Scott"
Netscape - "Michelle"

To the left is the actual image that's being sent out to the browser, unchanged. It's difficult to tell, but there are actually four images in this one picture, interleaved with one another. Above, I'm telling the browser to display the image at half of it's original size, and different browsers render the resulting image differently depending on which part they display. It is pointless, but interesting nonetheless.