Visual Basic
Low Level
ClipboardGetLink - Allows you to view the name of a hyperlink in the clipboard.
Close Socket - Verify data is sent before closing socket
ConvertLong - Converts a long into a VB string.
CreateGuid - Wraps CoCreateGuid to create a new Guid.
DisableClose - Controls the 'X' button on the form.
EndianReverse - Swaps Big-endian to and from Little-endian
EnumWindows - Demonstrates EnumWindows API.
GetMacAddress - Function to get the network card address.
GetWndIcon - Gets the icon for a specified window.
LookupIPAddress - Returns an IP address from a address name.
MakePriority - Controls a thread's priority.
MinMaxInfo - Demo of CopyMemory
RegisterHotKey - Example of using the RegisterHotKey API.
Undecorate - Undecorates decorated C++ symbol names.
Window Hook - Implements a windows hook