This function simply wraps a string at a specified point, looking for spaces and hyphens to wrap the text around. It has some optional arguments that let you control how the wrapping occurs.
Public Function WrapString(ByVal sString As String, _
       Optional nMaxWidth = 72, Optional nMargin = 10, _
       Optional nIndent = 0) As String
   'sString = The string to be wrapped
   'nMaxWidth = The maximum width of any line
   'nMargin = The maximum number of characters to be
   '          dropped to the next line
   'nIndent = Additional space to be added to new lines
   'Verify that the values make sense
   Debug.Assert nMaxWidth > 1
   Debug.Assert nMargin > 0
   Debug.Assert nMargin < nMaxWidth
   Debug.Assert nIndent >= 0
   Debug.Assert nIndent < nMaxWidth
   Dim sBreakChars As String
   sBreakChars = " -" 'These are the characters to word-wrap on
   Dim i As Long
   Dim bFound As Boolean
   Do Until Len(sString) < nMaxWidth
      'Look for a word wrap character
      bFound = False
      For i = nMaxWidth To nMaxWidth - nMargin Step -1
         If InStr(1, sBreakChars, Mid(sString, i, 1)) > 0 Then
            'Found one, so just break out of the loop
            bFound = True
            Exit For
         End If
      'If no word wrap character was found, then just use the
      ' margin size
      If Not bFound Then
         i = nMaxWidth
      End If
      'If there's already a line, append a newline character
      If WrapString <> "" Then
         WrapString = WrapString & vbNewLine
      End If
      'And now add the next line, and chop it off of our work string
      WrapString = WrapString & Mid(sString, 1, i)
      sString = Mid(sString, i + 1)
      'Add the indention spaces if necessary
      If sString <> "" Then
         sString = Space(nIndent) & sString
      End If
   'If there's still something left over,
   '  then add it to the final output
   If sString <> "" Then
      If WrapString <> "" Then
         WrapString = WrapString & vbNewLine
      End If
      WrapString = WrapString & sString
   End If

End Function
Sample Usage:
   Debug.Print WrapString("The quick red fox jumped over the lazy " & _
     "brown dog.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the " & _
     "aid of their country")